Subject Combination

Sr No. Subject Combination for B.A-I in Academic Session 2023-24
1. Economics, Home Science
2. Economics, Mathematics
3. Economics, Music (Instrumental)
4. Economics, Political Science
5. Economics, Psychology
6. Economics, Punjabi (Elective)
7. Economics, Physical Education
8. History, Geography
9. History, Home Science
10. History, Political Science
11. History, Punjabi (Elective)
12. Home Science, Mathematics
13. Home Science, Music (Instrumental)
14. Home Science, Physical Education
15. Home Science, Political Science
16. Home Science, Public Administration
17. Mathematics, Music (Vocal)
18. Mathematics, Music (Instrumental)
19. Mathematics, Psychology
20. Mathematics, Sanskrit (Elective)
21. Music (Instrumental), Physical Education
22. Music (Instrumental), Punjabi (Elective)
23. Music (Instrumental), Sanskrit (Elective)
24. Music (Vocal), Physical Education
25. Music (Vocal), Punjabi (Elective)
26. Music (Vocal), Political Science
27. Music (Vocal), Public Administration
28. Physical Education, Political Science
29. Public Administration, Geography
30. Public Administration, Punjabi (Elective)
31. Public Administration, Psychology
32. Public Administration, Music (Instrumentation)
33. Political Science, Geography
34. Political Science, Punjabi (Elective)
35. Political Science, Music (Instrumentation)
36. Home Science, Sanskrit (Elective)
37. History, Physical Education
38. History, Public Administration
39. Economics, Geography
40. Economics, Sanskrit (Elective)
41. Physical Education, Punjabi (Elective)
42. Political Science, Psychology
43. History, Economics
44. Home Science, Music (Vocal)
45. Home Science, Punjabi (Elective)
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