Ratnawali Festival


On the occasion of Haryana Day, Ratnawali Festival was organized in K.U.K. In this festival the Universities of Haryana-K.U.K., MDU, Rohtak, Khanpur Kalan University, Khanpur, CDLU, Sirsa participated.

In this festival Haryanvi Group Dance of our college secured second position and the same group dance also went to participate in the trade fair which was held from 16th of November in New-Delhi. In Trade fair this group dance not only represented the college but the whole State i.e. Haryana.

All the students who participated in Ratnawali Festival got Two Hundred Rupees each as a token of honor from K.U.K. Haryanvi group Dance was presented under the banner of K.U. K. at Pragati Maidan in Delhi during the Trade Fair. A huge round of applause was showered upon them for their wonderful performance.