B.C.A. Faculty

Eligibility Conditions

The candidates seeking admission to B.C.A. Ist must have passed 10+2 examination with minimum of 50% marks in aggregate with mathematics & English as one of the subjects.

(Semester I)

  • BCA111 Computer & Programming Fundamentals
  • BCA112 PC Software
  • BCA113 Computer-Oriented Numerical Methods
  • BCA114 Logical Organizational of Computer-1
  • BCA115 Mathematical Foundation-1v
  • BCA116 Communication Skills
  • BCA117 Lab-1Windows,and Power Point
  • BCA118 Lab-2 Word and Excel

(Semester II)

  • BCA121 ‘C’ Programming
  • BCA122 Logical Organization of computer
  • BCA123 Computer- Oriented Statistical Methods
  • BCA124 Mathematical Foundations
  • BCA125 Accounting & Financial Management
  • BCA126 Personality Development
  • BCA127 Lab-I Programming in ‘C’
  • BCA128 Lab-II Statistical Methods Implementation ‘C’

(Semester III)

  • BCA231 ‘C’ Programming-II
  • BCA232 Data Structures-I
  • BCA233 Computer Architecture-I
  • BCA234 Introduction to Database System
  • BCA235 Structured System Analysis & Design
  • BCA236 Mathematical Foundation-III
  • BCA237 Lab-I Programming in ‘C’
  • BCA238 Lab-II Implementation of Data Structure in ‘C’

(Semester IV)

  • BCA241 Web Designing-I
  • BCA242 Data Structures-II
  • BCA243 Computer Architecture-II
  • BCA244 Relational Data Base Management System
  • BCA245 Management Information System
  • BCA246 Mathematical Foundations-IV
  • BCA247 Lab-I Web Designing using HTML
  • BCA248 Lab-II ORACLE

(Semester V)

  • BCA351 Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
  • BCA352 Operating Systems
  • BCA353 Software Engineering
  • BCA354 Computer Networks
  • BCA355 Computer Graphics
  • BCA356 Web Designing –II
  • BCA357 Lab-I Programming in C++
  • BCA358 Lab-II Web Designing

(Semester VI)

  • BCA361 Programming in C++
  • BCA362 Introduction to Linux
  • BCA363 Internet Technology
  • BCA364 Visual Basic
  • BCA365 Multimedia Technology
  • BCA366 Introduction to .NET
  • BCA367 Lab-I Linux and C++
  • BCA368 Lab-II Programming in VB