Principal's Message

Human Beings are destined to grow , learn and improve. Goethe has rightly said "Every body wants to be : No body wants to grow" . You will never grow in life until you do not believe in action. Only hungry minds can make you grow. Today's readers are tomorrows leader. Learn as if you will live for ever and live as if you will die tomorrow. Learning gives life to your life. No pain No gain says the popular saying. Challenges, difficulties, trails and problems are inevitable on our way to greatness but how we react to all of these is what makes the difference. For gold to come out shinning, it must pass through fire. For your goals, Dreams, desires and aspirations to actually come alive, they must be tried and tested.

Whatever be your case , Challenge you that it is your choice. It is your choice because you have the capabilities and the potentials to change your world. The will power inside you is waiting to be activated and until you do so, you cannot live the life of your dreams.

CMK National P.G. Girls College believes in action. Here dreams are shaped with beautiful colours of fresh vision, sincerity and hardwork. Everybody here, is for a new purpose of opportunities of today & obstacles of tomorrow. I Convey my best wishes to all and wish for a golden future ahead.

Dr. Vijaya Tomar